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The Fudge Report: A Cake Mix Review

I’m not a big fan of cake mixes, I much prefer to make my own cakes from scratch. However, I know that some of us don’t have that luxury or if we are baking with children, it is much easier to use a cake mix as a matter of convenience.

As you may or may not have noticed, I have a slight obsession with chocolate and so I decided to review chocolate fudge cake mixes.  For this review, I compared Morrisons Chocolate Fudge Cake Kit (M), Wright’s Baking Chocolate Fudge Cake mix (W) and Betty Crocker’s Devil Food Cake mix (BC) all as cupcakes rather than a whole cake. I picked these up from my local Morrisons (supermarket) for a fairly reasonable price.

M – £1.50

W – £1.62

BC – £2.24

All three mixes were relatively simple and straightforward to make and required few ingredients, although the amount of cake mix varied. Both W and BC had a more substantial amount of cake mix therefore giving you a larger yield. I mixed all these cake mixes using the all-in-one method and a hand whisk (you can use an electric whisk if you so wish) to ensure that all the ingredients were thoroughly combined. I then placed all of the mixtures into a cupcake tray, filling the cupcakes cases two-thirds of the way up as I would normally do with my cakes made from scratch.

M – There was approximately 275g of cake mix and you needed 40g unsalted butter (make sure that it is softened before use), 100ml water and 2 medium eggs. This mixture, once combined was really runny and it only produced 11 cupcakes.

W – There was 500g of cake mix and you needed 200ml water and 60ml oil. This mixture, once combined was very thick and sticky and produced exactly 12 cupcakes.

BC – There was 425g of cake mix and you needed 120ml vegetable oil, 230ml water and 3 medium eggs. This mixture, once combined was quite runny, it filled 12 cupcake cases and there was still extra mixture left over.cake-mix-review-1cake-mix-review-2

The mixtures were all baked for 18 minutes, M and BC were recommended to be baked at 180oC but I baked mine at 160oC because I have a fan oven. W was recommended to be baked at 200oC but I baked mine at 180oC, however, these came out slightly overcooked after 18 minutes. I suggest you check these first at 15 minutes to prevent overcooking.

Taste-testing (my favourite part!): All three bakes had a good rise, bounce and colour but there were differences in the taste and texture.cake-mix-review-4cake-mix-review-5

M – These were the first ones I tried. I found these had a slightly dry texture and although they were pleasant enough, I thought they lacked the depth of flavour for a chocolate fudge cake.

W – These cupcakes had a good fudgy flavour but it was slightly dry, although this may be down to them being slightly overcooked.

BC – These cupcakes had a good chocolate flavour and they were light and fluffy. These by far, were both mine and my husband’s favourite.

Overall, my personal preference would be to go for the BC cake mix because of its taste, texture and the amount the cake mix makes, although it is at the pricier end of the range. In contrast, the W mixture is less expensive, only requires minimal ingredients (oil and water) and is a very versatile mix (tasty too – I may have licked the cake bowl!). On the back of the packet, they offer suggestions for cake, cupcakes, brownies and muffins using the same mixture. Additionally, the M mixture came as a whole kit, with frosting mix and chocolate sprinkles. So if you were looking for the ultimate convenience with a pleasant taste and texture, this would be the mixture you would go for at a relatively inexpensive price.

I hope you found my review useful and that it spurs you on to do some baking of your own.

Until next time…

Chandni x

3 thoughts on “The Fudge Report: A Cake Mix Review

  1. Interesting. I usually make my cakes from scratch, but, I do use mixes if I’m busy and just crave something sweet. I’ve tried substituting wine to my cake mixes in place of water. The alcohol gives the cake a nice kick! I also grease and sugar the pan (with white sugar).

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